Bactee & Tito

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Techno / Minimal Techno / Deep Techno

Bactee and Tito, totally independently from each other, became interested in what is called the electronic music. They found themselves especially attracted to the styles like minimal, detroit, electro, techno and schranz among a massive diversity of trends and productions going on. It was in 1998, when Bactee got his first DJ equipment. That helped him to organise small parties, where it turned out that there were listeners of his own mixes in a circle of his friends. He played generally on small parties in clubs and pubs. Later on, Bactee joined the project Provinz Posen, grounded among others by TB Locke aka Peter Pain. It helped him in his further carrier and made it possible for him to perform before wider audience in the Esculap club during one of the Tresor parties. In the meantime, Tito, already drawn into minimal, techno and schranz, was improving his DJ’ing skills while torturing his 80’s equipment, which he bought and improved. He was then involved in the new project called Renesance Project in 2006 after he met Bactee. It turned out a while later, that raising the new project by Bactee triggered an excellent co-operation, organization of parties and outstanding mixing show on the decks. Soon, the project gained a new member from Bydgoszcz, Greg b. From the very beginning of the project, the priority for all its members was to compose their own tracks, which could be classified as belonging to the music styles they preferred. At first, it wasn’t easy since they had got only one groove box but already in the middle of 2007 audience had an opportunity to listen and watch the duo Bactee&Tito live. Since then, one has had an opportunity to meet and listen to them in several spots in whole Poland, playing together with members of such projects as AnimaMusica, Szajse Records,, Snowdesigners, Music Warming and many more. Currently, they are equipped with such machines as Roland MC-303, Korg ER-1, Korg ER-1 MKII and Korg ES-1 MKII, 2 x M-Audio Evolution UC-33e, a keyboard Cme m-key, Yamaha AN200 Soundcraft EPM6, a laptop and some other boxes, which enable them to create a unique atmo during the parties by composing their own tracks live. They used to surprise a party audience by creating inimitable sound, which is actually generated in their souls.

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